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Conscious Vegan Holistic Healing Foods by Holistic Healing Herbalist , BWild Flower Child

Aloha and welcome to an insight into my loving, taste buds fantasies, filled with energetic, electrifying foods to make you feel amaziiing.

A variety of organic natural products ranging from, breaking fast with smoothies packed with anti-oxidants, mucus fighting, immune boosting, anti-inflammatory,  fruits and vegetables.

Sun energy meals including legumes and grains for boosting energy, flowing digestion, oxygen packed foods and healthy, satisfyingly, tantalising desserts.

Warning: You may feel tingles inside of your stomach, pretty little butterflies tickling you inside, out due to feeling so good about eating like the royalty we are as well as reviving our karmic cycle by commending a great act of demolishing animal cruelty and protecting Mother Nature. Love Love