55 Shades Deeper

Updated: Jan 27

Let us play

BWild Flower Child

As ice cream drips from my lips to my hips and past my thighs

Like the tears that fall from my eyes to the sofa

I press my feet deep within and tuck them under a cushion,

Each toe wrapped around each other,

Comforting the parts of my physical entity, that keeps me grounded upon this plane.

I am the beginning and the end

The taste of salt water upon my taste buds,

Cleansing my soul

The ocean waves in constant motion

I look up, the plane above moving in slow motion

The sky has now become the ocean

I see seahorses and children playing

Throughout this deeply healing, deeply magical transformation, the energetic threads interconnecting, creating a whole. A ring

. Zero.

The Golden thread to be precise

A deeply peaceful devotion to self and Mother Nature

. Pachamama.

I cannot hide from her the same way I am hiding my lips,

As though this makes me less vulnerable.

. Emotional availability.

Vulnerability and Openness - - - - -- - - - -- - --- - - -- - - -- --- - I pause

Vulnerability and openness ______________________________Leads to


The curls at the edge of my lips rise.

I rise revealing my lips that have not been speaking, as I listen to intuition,

Leading this pen with Love.

Can you feel my emotions?

Place your hands upon your Anahata<>Heart, if you feel me!

This energy in motion leading this red Muladhara, expressing my Love as I write this manuscript, leading with Love, upon this blank page.

When I had paused before I walked away from self for a minute,

Thinking about sweet treats.

Returning to Self ..

Imagine swimming for 3 hours…

Healing opens up one’s appetite did you know?

I came back as that’s the way I flowed, observing self.

Aware of uncomfortability, wise enough to know this is an opportunity to grow.

I am speaking without moving my lips yet I am heard,

Like the pancake/roti I fry.

I closed my eyes whilst standing at the window.

The sun setting, beaming into my Ajna.

I envision the sacred geometric shapes I cannot decipher.

I now know, not to seek answers as wisdom will come to me at the moment it is needed,

So I must surrender.

Activating pranayama,

Breathing deeply,

Inhaling Love,

Exhaling, completely

Exhaling – Letting go, my Love

As what is for me will surely be.

Control is an illusion.

I hear screaming

I hear singing

The ingredients being cooked, sound like they are making Love.

Never have I ever noticed this so loudly, previously.

Quite possibly, I was not so in tuned with self and aligned with Universe.

Lights are flashing

Bright flaming orange,


Hey coral!

All colourful expressions of the Swadhisthana,

Powerful, feminine energy and unconditional self-Love.

My masculine energy is already activated,

Whilst it is thy left side that is heating,

My feminine energy,

Healing with Love.

I can smell the roti

Artistry in the making

Spreading homemade chocolate spread made with avocados, into a circular motion

Next, sprinkles of snow that taste like coconut...

Oh wait, the succulent juicy blueberries that burst in your mouth, comes first

A sweet vegan fucking jizz fest

Ready for my mouth,

I open wide…

Oh yes, don’t forget a squirt of agave syrup.

I laugh, as I cannot wait to share this with my tribe.

As rainbow skies appear

I devour this tantalisingly luscious sweet plant-based treat

- Minus the poison

Tears try to roll out of my eyes

I close my eyes,

As if any wall can withstand a limitless ocean.

I think the first words that came out of my mouth after 4 hours are;

“It’s fucking seeping out anyway”.

So, I opened my eyes and let it flow

Looking into the eyes of the beautiful noble and protective masculine peacock.

Within this moment, I feel so content,

Peacefully tranquil and free

Knowing I am, who I need to be,

Where I am and simply being,

Liberated and Unfuckwithable

BWild Flower Child

Thank you for feeling me, empathising

Thank you for making me laugh

Thank you for listening, giving me your precious time,

Time you will never get back.

Time for me to be heard and share.

Thank you for smiling

Thank you for your heart connecting hugs

Thank you for gently touching my arm,

Letting me know you are present,

Thank you for being exactly as you are in this present moment in time

I am sincerely grateful

Thank you most of all to the Mother we all share

Amor Amor

BWild Flower Child

Love Love



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