Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Yu: means one or water {Mandarin}

I would like you to meet Yu

You will get along great, I think he is the one, she said

Who? I replied

Yu, she repeated


Yu, yes Yu!

His name, is You? I am intrigued

Yes Yu, Y.U! she exclaimed

I gigged. I smiled and said I would love to meet Yu

And off I went, dreaming, waiting, seeking, wondering

Where are you? Where was Yu? Where could he be?

∞ I wish to love myself wholeheartedly

and to be loved wholeheartedly

But loving others unconditionally

As well as unconditionally loving myself ∞

I thought Yu will never show up

But you showed me

Whilst I was in the shower

Warm, silky water flowing around and through my skin

Yu touched my skin, so soft and subtly

Cleansing and healing

Cleansing my shell and healing my soul.

As I stare into the mirror at Yu

I see myself diving into the deepest depth of the ocean

Will you dive in with me?

Never have I ever loved someone so deeply and never told them before

Never will I ever be so desperate for love that I settle for an unkind, placid, narcissistic, not so loving soul.

The saying; know your worth

Has such power, truthful meanings

From my perception or my perspective

When I love myself wholeheartedly

I feel complete within

Overflowing with love that I love so much

I can love others wholeheartedly also.

As long as I am true to myself,

I can be true to others

Speaking when I do not want to but need to

And being comfortable in uncomfortable situations

Always being aware and self-reflecting

Looking at myself in the mirror as I am

I am Yu and I am me

As you are me and I am you

We are one, the same but different

Everything I seek within me

But I also see within you

I wonder who is my twin flame

My reflection in another

A complete cycle of Infinite Love

Combined, entwined and tangled

I love you, I love you too. I love me too.

I am Yu and ...

Be fluid, like water flow with fluidity

How are we to ever know how much someone loves us and how will we know it is enough and when it is a lot or a little!? Can love really be measured? Or is love measured by our perception of ourselves and the person loving us? How can the Earth know how much the Moon loves it, or the Sun, or the Oceans? Does Mother

Earth even question love and how much?

Because if I love someone I show it right? But what if you cannot put love into actions? Does it still mean you love them? How about words? Can you still love without words? Yes. So how will someone know how much you truly love them?

(I will encourage you to share your perception especially if you feel uncomfortable, let us break boundaries today)

Love yourself

You are important

Your presence is a blessing

You are loved

You are intelligent

You are gifted

You are blessed

You are alive

You are understood

I am

I Love love myself

I am important

My presence is a blessing

I am loved

I am intelligent

I am gifted

I am Blessed

I am alive

I am understood

I did it!

Love Love

Space for God

Wish Piece V

Whisper your desires to the wind.

Ask the wind to take it to the end of the world


Psalm Isadora

Wisdom: Loving someone for who they are while knowing that how they make you feel is simply a reflection of how you feel about yourself in reaction to who they are
∞-Infinite Love-∞

Beautiful Blue Lilly and friend

Sometimes we have to look at the finer details within flowers, everything in between the lines, on the lines, within the lines and outside each stroke of divine detail, lovingly shared with Mother Nature. I will look at all with an open heart, understanding the laws of nature and synchronicities, syncing with Universal synergy, as do the birds when they flock together, or like the fish whom swim together, or like the seeds that grow together or the stars which shines together. All is connected. As love leaves clues, ideas, purpose, meaning, love is life, unless it is turned upside down then it is the opposite of everything that feels like loving energy, uplifting our happiness to feel euphoric. Flowing gracefully using all senses, perceiving the world as we are our perception although what you perceive may be ours, We will become one with Mother Nature, Father Sky, Grandfather Sun, And Grandmother Moon. My soul tribe understands me when I say; we are one, the same but different and I know, now, in this present moment and through infinite love, us warriors, light workers, indigos, star seeds and more, might be alone but are never truly alone as we love Love.

Omni Love xxxxx


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