A Message from the Spirits Whispering in the Wind "Bumblebee Queen"

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Flow: Srotas/Srotaha means flow, current, stream . The verb form is ‘Sravati’. Eg: Mama vaatike eva ekaha srotaha sravati. A stream flows in my garden itself.

Play whilst reading thy poetic flow.

Watch me light a fire within my soul

Breaking these chains

As my heart, opens and explodes

Revealing parts of me unknown

Yet aligned with my soul

I am following my hearts desires

Leading with Love

Love from above and below

I am given the chance to share my story

To embrace my Love in euphoria

No longer seeking Love from another

Yet accepting boundless Love that creeps and seeps

Like a bee sucking nectar from thy flower

She stole my heart and revealed thy twin flame

What is thy hidden prophecy?

I am loving myself for all I know

Allowing my Love to overflow

I gave my inner child, a rainbow of balloons

A safe place to have faith

To listen to intuition and communicate

To Love and be loved

To trust and have blind faith

To grow tall, bright and stable like a sunflower

I whisper in her ear

My Love surrounds you and flows through you

My Love

You are the Power

The Divine Green Goddess of Love and nature

Accept all of yourself

Embracing your rarity

Exposing your individuality

All the parts, I Love oh so much

Happy rain falling from my eyes

Knowing there are many ugliutiful ducklings

Dancing along

Singing harmonious songs

I accept myself

I accept yu

We accept one another

And know, we are not alone

We are together

Not divided by space nor time

As the divine energy, brings us closer together

Entwining our threads forever

Infused with ones aura

I wish to set the night on fire

Can you feel my Love

Can you feel the rain within your soul


Can you feel my Love inside you


Connections everlasting

Yet change is inevitable

Be present on thy journey

As spirits touch

And subside the stigmas

Putting labels aside

Keep my heart close to yours

Let us grow

Like lotus flowers from below

Through the murky waters we grow

Limitless and free

Breaking through our own glass ceilings

To be whomever we want to be

Whom we have always been

Finding ourselves


Who am I?

Where am I going?

Follow where thy heart leads

No longer inferior to thy fears

Feeling nostalgic

as I look for a home

Even though I know my home is within me

Come to the sea

and then i let fear have me

Not all of me, as I am too daring and troublesome

Although I lost my way

The rebel within my heart will always fight to set me free

I can smell wood

Love leads into the forest

With a view of the ocean


The key is to be in the present moment

To smell the flowers along the way

To notice a smile, on a cloudy day

And the way our skin glows, when one arises in Love

And the clouds move aside, allowing the sunshine to glare from above

And how, the rainbow still shines bright through rain

As twilight arrives, the full moon shares the sky with the stars

And at times, the sun too

Creating a path throughout the forest

Where Love, grows from every angle

Thy smell, cleansing thy lungs

The colours, the thorns and the flowers

Remembering who I am

Overhearing the screams of thy mind

Shh Silencio Por Favor

Be still and meditate

To calm the mind

Connecting to thy heart

And feeling thy soul

Listen to the message sent from celestial beings

Recognised by a self that is higher than self

Yet intellectual though complex and all

It is and will always be yu

The deeper we go into another

Is the deeper we go into ourselves

Allow me to introduce myself

This journey has only just begun


Are you entwined within this Poetic Flow?

Does this information tantalise your mind, body and soul?



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