Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Fluorine is the element and fluoride is an ion

Fluoride blocks your Ajna

Your Ajna is connected to your intuition

Your intuition knows what is best for your soul

Your soul is your highest form of energy

Connected to your inner being

Therefore it is fair to say,

Fluoride is blocking your potential, to be the best version of yourself

Loving yourself

Believing in yourself

Valuing yourself

In order to invest in yourself

To be who you were always meant to be

Limitless and free

De-calcify your Ajna

We shall not be caged, within a cage like animals within the zoo

An idea taken from caging brown skins, putting them up for auction,

performing like the animals in a zoo

Are we caged in a zoo, with a wider cage distorted to see?

Imagine fluoride as being a cage around your Ajna

Flowing around consuming your good cells within your blood stream

Chemicals in, low frequencies exerting out

Distorted self imagery to relinquish the power within your universe

That is the Universe within your Youniverse

Limiting your potential to greatness

Your mind is being limited even though we are limitless

You will feel your greatest when your mind is free and your Ajna is open

Say no to fluoride in your water,

Taps and bottled included


Our every day resources

Let us not even begin to focus on the dark forces

We can free the chains on our own mind to begin freedom

Freedom of choice

Freedom to think

Freedom to feel

The world is ours

We are always to be Limitless and Free

Now an introduction of Fluoride free Organic Natural Products

It is better to start somewhere than not at all

Thank you for your digestion of information. If you want to make a mindful change to your well being and need more information and guidance on Fluoride please click the link for the article and be sure to read thoroughly to the end of the article and watch this disgusting, alarming, empowering, honest, all telling Video, I am shocked at the extreme health risks and damage caused by this mass produced poisonous product, Fluoride known to destroy.


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