Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Usawa means Equilibrium in Swahili

Equilibrium means a state of rest or balance due to equal actions of opposing forces. Equal balance between any powers or influences.

Equality of effect. Mental or emotional balance.

Inhale deeply

Exhale completely

I am Worthy of Love

I am Love

I am Loved

Heal my body

and Cleanse my Soul

Open my heart

and Let Go

Self-Love Mantra

Repeat until thy heART is content

The shell protecting my soul is under great catastrophe

Revealing the need for healing from the inside, out

My canvas is exposing my vulnerable parts

The art hidden within thy heART

The depressive state, that comes with moments like this

Is now a memory subsided and understood to be,

what it used to be

Displaying my inner wounds for myself and the world to see

Although these wounds on thy canvas reveals abrasion, cuts, bruises and rashes that look like burns

Thus creating a beautiful scene

Growing flowers from thy wounds

Breathing tranquillity within my soul from Mother Nature

I look in the mirror and i think of my shell as the beauty, it has and always will be

The abrasions, open wounds, rashes, bruising and scars, all create me

A beautiful flower still blooming despite any catastrophes

Recognising this is a temporary representation

I must work with my dark shadows

I will not give up on myself

I have come too far to go back

Instead of dwelling upon grand rising at 3.33

Not asking, why is this happening to me

As the war between my mind and my heart commences

Fighting to not scrape and scratch thy canvas

Fighting my shadows on my skin in the form of dermatitis

Dermatitis is a dis-ease labelled as eczema

Resulting in inflammation of the skin sometimes also in the form of blisters

The skin transforming into its very own monster

Red, itchy, rashes, covering either small parts and irritatingly, the entire body


I think about what i can do to heal myself in this present moment

I create not only for others, one must take their own advice

Reaching for my Golden Healing Energy Oil

I massage the oil into my skin

Smooth and cooling

Coating myself like sap on a tree

Amber alert

The scent of lavender, relaxing and calming

Protecting layers of my skin

Guarding myself from the weapons at the end of my finger tips

I wrap myself with a soft, fluffy blanket comforting my desires

Relieving the itchiness and irritation from deep within

Fighting to stay in alignment with my soul

My Chakras are being tested and most likely imbalanced

I know i need to cleanse my digestive system as this is where dis-ease and toxin build up and reside

Drink plenty of water and detoxifying tea to work on the insides

No packaged, ready made, processed, unreadably long chemical ingredients, glucose syrup or falsified perfumes. No refined sugars, gluten or starchy crisps.

I can dribble, reminisce and replace with the colourful, finer, electrifying, fruition from our beloved Mother Nature

Guides, sent me signs within the ring

Symbolising a circle with no end and no beginning

Continuing upon itself

Constructive questioning of cleansing, the vascular and the lymphatic system too

Reading numerology highlights

Trust that you are surrounded, protected, loved, and guided by the spiritual masters of our planet.
Challenging experiences are meant to be learned so that you can grow.
The best decisions are always based on Love.
It is when you speak your truth that you support your soul and find inner peace.
Vocally expressing your truth might trigger a moment of great revelation that can be very healing for you and others.

And then I awoke from sweet dreams

To the sound of beautiful noise from Mother Nature

Synergistic connections to the beat of thy heArt

Musical rain drops upon my glass window

Asking me to get up and open up

Revealing my inner flower

Riding along the path of my story

Noticing the environment outside of me, up close and afar

The purple flowers not too far, now noticed through conscious observation

The houses afar, on what looks like a hill surrounded by trees and the clouds not too high above

The variety of colours, all different shades of the spectrum

The Sun and the sky reflecting onto the lake, glistering with the stroke of waves, flowing in various directions

Seeing, what i hear

Pretty leaves falling from trees

As Summer ends and the Fall Equinox begins

Yet the trees do not begin to rot and die due to this inevitable change

Embracing this cleanse

Releasing what it no longer needs

During this death and rebirth, the trees stand firm

Growing boundless, not dependent on these pretty leaves

Eventually the leaves will grow again

Beautiful flowers will bloom upon Spring

The birds sing and dance in the clear skies nevertheless

Reminding us to fly freely

As we fall, we shall rise

And so is life

Love Love

Three messages I received from my Flowering Universal Love Box of Love Notes:

  • Allow yourself to be more vulnerable

  • I challenged myself today

  • Today will be a good day

At first i was thinking ..Who wrote this? I think they missed the point of a positive message.. It is supposed to be about the collective, it is not solely about self, cough, cough, supposed to, yuk, not about self, nyuk. Read it again and digest. Taking a deep breath, collecting myself after a minute or so of re-reading this love note again and again. Pause. Yes, I realise, we all are faced with challenges every day in which we battle and overcome, some still proceeding. This is an achievement and an achievement of another, not to be discouraged or judged by myself, I understand.

Be careful of judging others, as judging others is so much easier than looking within one selves, noting and noticing that which needs to be healed.

If we cannot understand the other, we shall listen. The key to effective communication is to listen attentively. Communicating to understand not to bring our own judgement, neither opinionated of the labels, right and wrong. Especially undesirable it is as well as unkind to project onto another the feelings, we feel about ourselves, denying and deflecting our truth onto another, creating fears, intentional or not, being mindful of self can protect others from unnecessary misfortune.

Love Yourself. Love Others.



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