High Temperature Remedy

Updated: Mar 23

Nowithin this moment in time, we shall truly see the light and the dark within ourselves and others.

Time reveals…

Who is greedy?

And Who is Selfless!

Who feeds off and spreads negativity-based fears?

And who thrives off and spreads Love and Tranquillity!

L’Amour L’Amour

BWild Flower Child

And on that note… with a nudge from the Universe through a movie I am yet to complete, although I have seen this before… Julia & Julie or Julie & Julia…has motivated me to share my natural herbalist remedies, in the form of a blog, as I am synergistically, passionate about writing, in love with the flow of words from my core through my fingertips, translating into a Love language, souls understands whilst indulging in imagery our heart captivates and desires.

Something I have learnt on this journey is there is no need to be a perfectionist, visualising what one believes to receive is a fulfilling quest indeed. The main word being believe. If you believe you can, you will. One must trust, self and the Universe has your back even when your mind tells you otherwise.

Using the dark to focus on the light, I researched natural foods to reduce a high temperature, as I woke up sweating and feeling hot and uneasy as well as checking up on a friend whom also mentioned he was dying (not literally, dramatically).

A high temperature occurs when the bodies core temperature is imbalanced, due to the defence of the body’s immune system fighting against an infection which helps to return the body back to a balanced state.

So, after purchasing Mother Natures medicine by supporting my local farm shop, I combined the following together to create an epic naturally cooling remedy;

Body Temperature Regulatory Foods;

{Temperatures are rising and your body’s yearning…to be…

Cool as a Cucumber Salad}

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (30 ml)

  • Basil (visualise a bunch)

  • Cucumber (Quarter)

  • Kale (2 sta)

  • Lime (Squeeze half)

  • Mint (Handful of leaves)

  • Pomegranate Molasses (30ml)

  • Radish (handful)

  • Spring Onion (the green part)

  • Watermelon (2 slices)

Sprinkle of Herbs and Spices:

  • Black cumin seeds

  • Crushed peppercorns

  • Cumin seeds

  • Fennel seeds

  • Mustard seeds

  • Pink Himalayan salt

  • Poppy seeds

I am blessed. I am grateful.

Love our Divine Mother Nature.

Love Goddess of Nature.

Chopped, cubed, cut, however you like it..No discrimination..Free will only!

This Cool as a Cucumber Remedy taste very refreshing, the combination of textures is so scrumptious as I have a nice amount of crunch to satisfy my kinetic sensations, as well as juiciliciousness due to the high water content within the hand selected foods included. The combination of flavours are subtle, tasteful yet not too powerful, with every chew is a burst of flavour from one of Mother Natures blessings. I will definitely enjoy this for the next few days although the fresher the better as nutrients are lost as soon as it is taken from its homeland. However I will be adding a variety of fresh green leafy vegetables.

Hey, I tend to prepare food for a family, when really it is a meal for one. I . However it saves me from having to go through the preparation process all over again even though it is exciting.

If anyone has any tips on how and if, I can use the green leaves from the radish, I will be very thankful. I did take a bite of a leaf and its texture is prickly however it tastes peppery like an extremely light arugula leaf.

…And then there is the aftermath of cleaning.

I do need to … I will clean as I cook… Always learning, simply growing,

I do not promote the use of plastic as it changes the form of cells, of anything it comes into contact with by releasing toxins.

I do recommend buying scissors to prepare meals with as it is so quick and easy to cut directly into the place it needs to be.

Remember the avocado seed is the most nutritional part of the avocado so be sure to save it, grind it up and add a pinch to tasty salads and smoothies. The avocado seed taste so bittter and undesirable yet it is essentially providing anti-oxidants, tumour fighting properties, lowering cholesterol, heart health, digestion, ulcer relief, alleviating diarrhoea, anti-inflammatory and boosts the immune system preventing dis-ease. Make sure you take the skin off as it taste like shiiiii......

Love Love

Peace, Harmony, Tranquillity and Balance


BWild Flower Child xxxx


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