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Updated: May 27, 2019

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Authenticity translated in Latin is Authenticitas, meaning;

The quality of being genuine or not corrupted from the original.

Truthfulness of origins, attributions, commitments, sincerity, and intentions.

Authentic carries the connotation of authoritative, confirmation that things or people are what they are claimed or appear to be.

BWild & BFree : Adventure in the Forest

Can i undress you..

As Mother Nature undresses me?

My love for Mother Nature has grown incredibly,

As i love Yu and thyself within our authenticity,

Embracing the unknown,

As though i am the sea,

Tightening thy vines between us,

Lovingly entangled like the roots of thy tree,

Loving thyself and thy higher energy,

Mother Nature incredible as she can be..

Embracing the entwined essence,

Mother Natures supreme elements,

Bare feet upon the Earth.

Winds blowing,

Kissing the pretty leaves upon the trees,

Creating music within a deep harmony,

Swiftly, rustling synergy,

Igniting the fire within thy Anahata.

Rain sprinkling thy love all over,

Opening up,

Heightening the flames,

Something is happening inside of me,

I can feel it,

I cannot really describe this.

As the strong energy in motion,

Visually entwines between dimensions.


Recognising the beauty inside of me,

As the beauty is within Yu,

The beauty that surrounds us within every element,

Every atom.

Beauty is Mother Nature,

She smells perfectly sweet,

Yet like no other.

I am reluctant to leave,

As I come closer to the city,

Although she always surrounds me.

Mother Earth ignites my soles,

I place my Muladhara on her surface,


Insightful introspection,

The story i share of spiralling love and inner reflections,

With Emerald, Ammonite and Amethyst,

Empathetic, Loving, Compassionate, Positive Earth Energy, Intuitively effused.

Ajna wide open,

Hands filled with electrifying energy,

I am grateful,

I am Love and I am Loved

Mother Natures colours of the rainbow,

Contrast in shades of green,

Space shared by various trees,

Firmly growing,

Whilst respectfully intertwining with one another.

Although they have different leaves, flowers and colours,

Entwining and embracing the love of self,

As self is also the other.

Having faith in the unknown,

Love is divine,

You and i redefine what love is!

Pure love!

Thy can feel higher vibrations!





Love Love

Love Mother Nature

BWild Flower Child

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When you feel like you are within your most peaceful, tranquil state, where are you ?

What are your surroundings like? What do you smell? What can you see if your eyes are open?

Describe your senses.

Thank you Beautiful Soul reading my Poetic flow. You are here for a reason.

Love, Light, Blessings and Harmony

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