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Updated: Jun 1, 2019

शक्ति Sanskrit - Shakti means the Great Divine Mother of creative power, the divine energy, strength, effort, ability and capability.

Shakti is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire Universe.

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Achieving inner peace vibrating towards unity, communion, peace, friendship and understanding which are inseparable pieces of the puzzle to peace.

I love coconuts

I am like an unmatured coconut

Soft jelly coconut is the label

Immature is the correction

I do not care.


Yes i can be very playful.


Immature is the label

Young is the correction

I am not a label

I am I

Filled with extreme emotions

Oozing with love

So overwhelming i think

My love overwhelms others

It is so intense

I cannot help it

My heart is opening more than i can control


Like overflowing water


Maybe this is why i love love so much.

I am as soft as a soft jelly coconut

So smooth, squeezie, nourishing, delicate and sweet

With a hard shell for protection

Passion over security

What i need

What i choose

I choose humble, joyful, happiness

And oh i love my outer layer




I am

Amor Amor

Because i smile and you don't see my tears why do you think I'm so strong and i can take anything.

Yes i am strong

With a tough exterior to preserve my goodness

But i cannot take everything on my shell

I need picking up too when i fall over

I feel pain

Just because I'm not showing it, doesn't mean I'm not feeling it.

Understanding words from Mother

My insides are as soft as a soft jelly coconut

My unmatured coconut not so immature

Delicate and Sweet

Amor Amor

BWild Flower Child

Flashback: Birds tweeting, sun shining, I could not go to sleep. I remember staying up until the early hours of the morning, perhaps after 7 am, when i decided to watch She's got to have it. After what seemed like hours of looking for something suitable for my vibrations; She's Got to Have It !! So incredibly motivating and uplifting especially for us creative souls sometimes struggling to express ourselves even through our Arts.

Just trust in the decisions you make, for i made a decision to write in the early hours of the morning and can now proudly present my soft jelly coconut poetry publicly...

Overcoming barriers.

Being fearless.

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Love Self! Believe in Self! Value Self! Invest in Self!

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