ज्ञानी Jnani is a Sanskrit word that means “knowing,” “wise,” “sage,” or “one possessing wisdom.”One who has realised the Self.


Looking within my third eye

Meditating within deep introspection

I no longer see things

I see energy




Who i have always been

A bubbling, humbling, sweet honeey B


I am actively participating in living my dreams as my reality

The only time i look back now, is to take notes and be grateful for where i am,

In this present moment

Acknowledging how much i have grown

This flower keeps on blooming

I can see clearly now the rain has gone

I can see all obstacles in my way

Looking up to see the enlightening, caressing, moon to the right

Yet to also have the pleasure of feeling the bright hot sun, to the left , to the left

A grand day for the Goddess within and surrounding me

Protecting me with love unconditionally

As the layers have been peeled off

Revealing the unknown

I am excited to discover

The end and the beginning

Life Death Life as a beautiful Wild flower said to another

A new chapter commences

I feel like the bloom has only just begun

Are we ready to move mountains


We are one

The same and different

Love Love


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