Poisoning Vs Healing

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

A rat scatters into the black box hungry, in search of food to nourish it's temple, instead to be poisoned to death by substances unknown to themselves.

The same is occurring with humans although humans can read labels, research ingredients (within this high technological Century there are many information outlets) and also have ears to listen to peers about harmful poisonous products to stay away from, right.

We are no longer in survival mode, we are surrounded by an abundance of Mother Natures essence, we just need to see it, embrace it, cherish it and enjoy Mother Nature gifts given to us to grow in harmony and flourish together.

Have you seen Breaking Bad? Do you remember the scene when the bald head man tries to poison the Mexican Mafia with a few grains of ricin?

Who will pick up ricin and lick it knowing they have a 99.9% chance of dying on immediate contact and indigestion. Ricinus communis, known as ricin is a highly potent toxin, produced from the seed of the castor oil plant. Even if a spec of ricin dust is inhaled, injected or ingested, it can kill an adult.

Crazy and true that us humans will still consume poisonous products, even if it is not going to kill us immediately, still choosing to consciously or unconsciously, consume poisons that kill us slowly;



GMO - Genetically Modified Organisms

Chemicals including ABCDEFG Numbers

Preservatives to extend shelf life



Processed foods








Did i forget anything?

Now I would like you to think of ricin, every time you choose to consume anything from the list above, something you know is having a negative effect on your body, poisoning your good cells, you need to live and quit being, the walking dead.

The Government and Corporations are always going to make shitty poisonous products as long as people are buying, they care about profits not your well being. So if everyone were to buy the higher quality foods and products best to alkalise our body the world corporations will shift with us, as we are the majority producing their income. The energy shift is occurring at this present moment as more people awaken to their true self.

Do you want to feel young and energetic like when you were a child again?

You have to start by making a change within yourself and your habits. Take control of your life. People tend to blame others, first we must acknowledge our wrong doings, then make a change, overcoming denial and acceptance are the first steps to greater health.

78 Year old Vegan Body Builder Jim Morris

Vegan Body Builder

"Your body is your temple"
This is not just a saying or myth!
Believe in yourself, put your thoughts into actions, and then you will receive the benefits. I did!

The Physical body is made up of more that 80% water helping to transport oxygen around the body , keeping cells active. Working out releases toxins from the body through sweating and increases positive ion, uplifting your mood by releasing happy hormones. Healthy eating feeds the cells nourishing nutrients lost through every day living, maintaining the mental and physical ailments whilst sleeping well gives your cells time to rejuvenate and grow when the body is resting.

It is so sad when people tell me about the side affects they are having from consuming medication and then given more medication to cover up the side effects produced from the others drugs, whilst the first set of drugs are supposed to help the core condition but then begins affecting other cells causing more harm altering the natural chemical balance. Sadly they continue to consume these products even though they can feel the negative effects it has on them but still believes what they have been told, that they need to take this and some other fearful statements.

I always sit flabbergasted wondering and waiting to hear about the cure.

They never do mention a cure, only a suppressor, covering up their troubles for a few hours, maybe a day and then its back again, or even maybe a few months later, maybe on a larger scale. I do not understand this logic people are abiding by because a person in an authoritative figure, the white coat effect, whom has a degree and name tag, must be smarter and know better than you.. BULLSHIT. You know how you feel inside.

Where do you think they get extracts to make these man made drugs? Plants.

Where do animals get their protein from, that everyone is excited about? Plants.

So why not get nutritional health benefits directly from the source, like would you stand next to a fresh water spring and say "that is so fresh and so clean but i will go to the shop to buy a bottle of fluoride water..? I think, not.

I believe a perk of going to the Drs are their irradiated machines, everything in life has good and bad qualities,

I am and always will be my own Doctor, it took me a few years to get to where I am today. I cannot remember the last time I was bed bound with a flu, although before i was a Vegan, a plant based consumer, I used to be sick every few month, bed bound for a week, suffering from bronchitis, taking antibiotics, winters were not the best either, colourless and sick for far too long.

Yes, we all do have to learn and that is why we have each other, and we must start listening to our intuition and our own bodies senses.

If I can do it, you can do it.

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