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Sahasrara – The seventh Chakra. The Crown Chakra. The unity of Brahman, when knower, knowledge and object become one. Infinite. Limitless. The source of light containing all vibrant colour vibrations uniting into the incomparable brilliance of pure light. Without beginning and without end. One source with variations of elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether, the basis is the pure essence. The awakening of the Sahasrara means revelation of the divine splendour and attainment of the supreme consciousness pertaining purity, clarity, light, love and truth.

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I want to guide you to places your mind has never been

Unravelling the parts of yourself you hide within

Implore you inwardly, until loving self is the only condition that is unconditional

Exploring unconditionally into the unknown

Trusting the Universe, as the unknown guide travelling through the cosmos

Feeling more, Thinking less

Speaking less, Listening more

Sharing more, Reserving less

Enlightening senses through breath

Enheightening senses with touch

Electricity scattering neurons through the nervous system

And still tornadoes

As one strokes the ears of a super, smoothed skin teddy bear

Comforting ones inhibited child within

Scars run deep like the roots of thy trees

Surfacing to reveal the elegance, strength and tribulations of one’s liberation from fighting through the storms beneath

Now gliding through the oceans

Simulating ice skating

Flying with freedom

Surrounded by the Flower of Life


The Ether within every spiral

Living and being

Thee quintessence

Of thy Queens and Kings

Gods and Goddesses

Emperors and Empresses

All divine sources within

The key is the hora

An ocean of energy

Listen to intuition

The present is the presence

Simplicity in tranquillity

Blissfully silent where resistance is unleashed

The dams come crashing down

Watering the forest fires

Re-birthing seeds for fruition

Rising from the ashes

Cleansing dirty feet that walks through our mind

Revealing the vibrant, powerful, Flower

Let us be good to ourselves for kindness sake

Imploring inwards

Loving self unconditionally as it is the only condition

One that requires exploring the unknown to discover one’s true self

Opening thy heart

Cleansing thy soul

Healing thy body

And letting go

Leading with Love

Revealing what is truly desired

As all energy is sourced within.

BWild Flower Child

Just like the Moon your greatest Magic will come in times of darkness.

When you have no choice but to trust your own Power.

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