Spiritual Awareness | Golden Mandala

Golden Mandala =

Golden means lustrous, radiant, shining, superb, prosperous, flourishing, youthful, vigorous, mellow, resonant, value, precious, peace, creativeness, promising future, of high excellence


Mandala means Universe, circle, healing wheel, life energy, wholeness, that represents Divine, our relation to the Infinite, the world within our body and mind and the world outside.

Press play whilst being wild and free within this poetic story

Golden mandala

Today’s story of freedom with self-love combining Red Jasper and Lapiz Lazuli

Lapiz Lazuli (Vishuddha/Throat Chakra)

Red Jasper {Muladhara/Root/Sacral Chakra}

Loving self and walking with my beloved mother nature

Confiding with intuition


She is silent when I elevate

When I am still she speaks

She listens when i am in motion

When I speak, she understands

Together we entwine and untangle, the tangible chaos of life

Shooting love inwards and outwards throughout all perspective angles

Touching her with my sole

As she touches my soul with no hands

I am alive inside

I feel the pain subsiding and releasing being recycled by our love

Although I having been walking under the sea

Oceans deep not knees deep

Above Like a 111 mph train with the view a slow motion tree waving its pretty leaves

As above so below

Below walking under the sea encased in a glass bubble

Coral sways shimmering their pretty glistening colours

Trying to protect my energy

And energise at the same time

Hands are electrifying

The chosen ones go head to head

Two lights shining bright

Opposites colliding

Face to face

Blue with shimmering gold

Red with powerful black

Water and fire

Vishuddha and Muladhara

Communicating honestly and securely grounding

The magic is entwined within alignment of love

Deep passionate magic

Penetrating my strong and powerful heart

Unconcentrated, pure and extreme

Full of love


As my fire ignites in the water

The one true aphrodisiac

As I grip the long green weeds in between my fingers

I disperse and detach to the pain slowly killing me from the inside out

Providing myself with unconditional love

Reliving and forgiving over and over again

Face to face with the demon sitting heavily on my chest

Pulling my heart strings from the inside out

A conversation well over needed with much importance to be said mostly felt

Crying not for the pain to stop instead for me to love myself as deeply as I love the others

Refocusing and focusing on the sword

Whilst I cut the cord like an umbilical cord

I cry due to the relief of this anchor

Tugging my heart to the deepest depths of the ocean

Cracks appear in the glass ceiling I created

As I’m lost in the eyes of another

A reflection of myself dispersed into the sea

As the water collides right in front of me

Dispersed from both sides, above and below

I am free to shine and glow

My heart as light as petals, floating like feathers

Golden mandala

BWild and BFree

......To be re-ee-wind,enter, select-ta


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