The heART of a Sunflower

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Will you be perfectly willing to ...

Use your imagination, tantalising your divine essence..

Free diving into the flow of the deepest depths of thy ocean.

BWild Flower Child

Whisper alchemy into thy divinity

Come close enough so i can taste you

Touch me with no hands

Deep inside thy Green Goddess

Thy roots curl as water implores and explores

Deepening and uplifting until thy structure arches a little more

Sucking luscious nectar from your core

Slow motion

Stroking every defined definition of your delicate petals

Gazing deep into your geometric heART centre

Sacred wisdom hidden within your treasures

Your molecular geometry, a reflection of your soulful, torsion angles

Magnetised like polarities

Entwined in your mystery

I lose myself to you

Floating away

Your touch lingers into constant pleasure

In trance, so subtle like tantric meditation

I will take you to places I have never been

The smell of your Sunflower essence intoxicates my lungs like smoke

Exhaling completely, after i hold it in

Rain all over you

Encased inside an euphoric ocean

I can hear you sing

Devouring your loving elixir

Connections through Ajna

Soul full and deep within

How you make me feel, i cannot fake it

As the wind blows, we dance in totality and embrace it

Free flowing, exhilarated and sensual intellectuals

You know, that i know, that you feel, what i feel

I know, that you know, that it feels, so real

Amor L'Amour

BWild Flower Child

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Are you a body with a spirit?...

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Are you a spirit with a body?...

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