The Pleasure is Ours {Part 1}

Updated: Mar 31



Inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow - The Goop Lab and Wonder Women (Empowerment Group of Goddesses)

Coming through the taboos

Wearing no bras and embracing my boobs

Hold no shame nor sexual too

I am sensual. I am genuine.

Accept my vagina, I mean vulva, I mean….

Labia majora and labia minora

Our inner lips and our outer lips are beautiful like glistening dew, sparkling under the sunlight.

Indulge in yourself

Genitalia too. I mean vulva

Us women are Goddesses,

Now listen to this,

Take a seat and open your legs wide

Bring your mirror too

Take a look at your vulva

Grateful for every curve, dip, lip, hair and hood.

Men, you are Gods and there is also something for you to indulge in too.

The penis grows beginning as a vulva, ending as a phallus.

If you do not believe me, go and find out for yourself and fuck asking google, type it into Ecosia!

Plant a few trees and give back to the Universe

Eat a vegan, chocolate , fudge brownie

Presently, I slide a thick, long pen, up, down and around the paper,

Literally licking, fudgy cake from my lips as I write this.

And oh yes we can fuck about with a dick picture

Yet I wonder..

Where are the photos of blooming flowers?

Vulva's to be precise

Self-empowerment doused with grace

We are the same and different


We are one ...especially when we orgasm

The pleasure is ours!

Communication is key when asking for what you want,

It is easier to disconnect than it is to connect deeply.

Let’s get vulnerable, communicate silently, gazing deep into ones soul,

Lets get uncomfortable, touching one with no hands

Speaking without moving thy lips.

I am fun. I am playful. I feel good

The pleasure is ours

Remember to Breathe.

We are dangerous when we are knowledgeable

We need to have a healthy ownership, in the sense of,

Know thyself, being in tune with ourselves.....

Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally

Love Love

BWild Flower Child


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