Unapologetic Black Super New Moon

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Chidabhasa = Reflected consciousness

In Sanskrit, chidabhasa translates to 'reflection of Brahman' or Universal Self. According to Hindu philosophy, the self can be divided into the individual (jiva) and the universal (Brahman). The reflection of the universal self within the individual is chidabhasa, a kind of self-realisation, essential on the path toward enlightenment.

When one is stuck in the suffering of the gross, physical body (Annamaya Kosha), it is impossible to recognise the soul as a reflection of Brahman, leading to avidya, or ignorance.

Sun Rays

Shining bright

Imagining your sweet cheeks, smiling

Such a grand awakening indeed, Indigo light

Singing sweet songs in harmony with the ocean waves

Flying so high, we can touch the clouds on a powerful, stormy day

As the veils rise

I rise with love, towards the candy floss clouds and rainbow stars

I feel my heart has ignited, vast, warm yet soothing

Cooling, purified waterfalls

Surrounding fireball tornadoes, swirling inside me

I still rise

Elevating higher and higher

The feathers fall

Like a ballerina, swooshing and twirling

As I fall from the firmament

To the deepest depths of the ocean

I float

My crown is pulsating


My hands too


My legs are vibrating

We are enlightened

Energy is heightened

Surfing the sophisticated yet monstrous wave

Into the unknown

As above, so below

Surrendering to Mother Nature

I am very grateful for you

As I am I and I am Yu

We are one


Two souls connected as one

As two souls are complete

The divine feminine

The divine masculine

Perfectly aligned, balanced and entwined

Connecting to the other

Together we make a whole

Love is rising along the horizon

Full, gazing at the sun set

Dancing with the moon light

As our crystals play with the stars

Glaring into our soul

Sacred souls in awe

I surrender

As my heart beats

I feel my everything beat

In sync

Like watching heat waves on a hot, sunny day

Feeling the roots of thy trees

Deep rooted through Mother Nature


I Love Sun Rays

Oh yes and the Super Black Moon of course

From here forth I will be unapologetically, who I am


Reflected consciousness with Love

Love BWild Flower Child

Are you listening to your heart's desires ? Or do you second guess and doubt yourself ?..Especially when your feelings and thoughts do not correlate with what, the majority of society deems as "normal"? Do you trust yourself? If you are not honest with yourself, how can you be honest with others? Do you trust the Universe, surrendering yourself completely, having faith in where you are now and where you are going?

Did you know, when the mind is calm and one listens to intuition, it speaks cosmically to ones soul, fulfilling and aligning the heart, feeling centred, balanced and secure?

A Goddess reminds me of the importance of change, releasing the past, especially those things hindering our growth, and to accept change and transitions. Sometimes letting go of the familiar, safe and secure, travelling to scary places in the soul.

I have love and I give love. Love feels like being in a deep, intrinsic, tantric be continued

On the 31/07/2019-01/08/2019 a Rare Black New Super Moon and the end of Mercury Retrograde occurred bringing an unexpected positive turn of events.

  • A Black Moon is the name that is given to the second New Moon in a calendar month.

  • The Super Black New Moon is very close to the Earth, vibrations affecting the tides in the Ocean as well as us beings.

  • The Black Super New Moon also brings the start of a new lunar cycle, and this new cycle comes after a series of very potent and transformative Eclipses. 

  • The start of this new cycle will be helping us to integrate and settle into the wounds, transformations, and changes the July Eclipses may have triggered.

  • If the Eclipses have stirred things or brought change in your life, this Black Moon will allow you to soften into what has unfolded so you can begin figuring out your next steps and seeing things in a new way.

  • Under the influence of this Black Moon, potential and new beginnings will begin filling the cosmic skies however, we are going to have to take things slow and give the energies time to work their magic, as around the same time as the Black Moon, Mercury will be preparing to come out retrograde. 

  • New Moons have the potential to draw things to us which is why they are a great time to set intentions, but with all this new energy floating around and the effects of Mercury Retrograde , we may have to sit with ourselves first before we can know which intention is best for us.

  • As this New Moon falls in Leo, we are also going to be encouraged to take greater ownership and leadership of our lives.

  • We all have the power to take control and to take charge of our lives; we all have it in us to make the decisions we need for a brighter future.

  • No one knows us as well as we know ourselves, so under this Black Moon, take time to retreat within and to get cosy with whatever is in your heart.

  • Repeat to yourself- “I know myself, I trust myself, I know what is right for me.” 

  • Under the Leo Black Moon, we all have to tap into that courageous lion energy and remember that deep down we always know what is best for ourselves

  • Leo also rules over the heart, making this a perfect time to think about working with thy Anahata (Heart Chakra)

  • Imagine pushing up all the anxious energy you have in your gut straight into your heart. Imagine pushing down all the foggy energy you have in your brain straight into your heart.

  • Imagine these streams of energy entering your heart and shifting and transforming it into wisdom, truth, and something that is drenched in love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

  • There is a reason that Leo is ruled over by the heart and that is because the lion is the most courageous and is the best ruler of its domain when it is leading with the heart, when it is leading with love.

  • Under the spell of this Black Moon, remember: you know yourself. A mantra for this Black New Moon can be- “No one knows me better than I know myself”.




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