Vulnerability & Communication

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

The bricks are tumbling over

As the wall subsides

Opening space for new beginnings

As all beginnings, have an end and all ends have a beginning

As life is a continuous cycle

Who does this begin with?

It is you, I, me, we, our, us

Not them

Down comes the barriers set so high to protect a vulnerable soul

What we all need to realise is that we are vulnerable souls

We all have a heart

Some more open than others

All of us have been through traumatic experiences

The same and different

Really, we all need to open our hearts

To love and be loved
To communicate and listen
To understand and empathise
To trust and love

Take a moment to think about your closest, cherished and dearest relationships..

What do all of these relations have in common?

o Trust
o Love
o Openness
o Communication
o Understanding
o Empathy
o Faith

Unconditional love is love without conditions or limitations

When you have a healthy relationship, I believe it is a two-way street

Up and down, back and forth, give and take

Through good and bad, highs and lows, sadness and happiness

Consisting of Effective communication by which beings are;

Listening > Understanding > Communicating > Repeat

If one of these are misinterpreted the cycle is not continuous and therefore incomplete

We can communicate in many ways especially in this technologically advanced millennium

Although we are living within this technologically advanced, easily accessible communication millennium,

The lack of effective communication is preeminent

There are a variety of ways to communicate, voice calls, video calls, emails, fax, text messaging, applications like WhatsApp and face to face

And yet depression, anxiety and suicides have risen dramatically over the past years due to people feeling lonely, unloved and not good enough

In need of deep rest, aligning spirit with self-love

I am love
I am loved
I am enough
I am united as one the same and different

Having that face to face interaction is vital for wholesome stimulation as our energies are open and more accessible

We can hear tones, see expressions, feel energy

We are energy, vibrations are energy, tones are energy

As to why the frequency of some people’s voice does not suit our frequency,

As our vibrations are on another frequency allowing some to be more susceptible than others.

Are you aware of the benefits of a hug?

Or eye contact throughout a deep conversation?

What can you not give without getting?

I appreciate a nice long hug


I can feel the love being transferred between two souls without having to use verbal communication, we are able to communicate with expression through a gesture with the intention of transmitting good vibes = vibrations

I myself have a lot of eye contact during conversations as I am able to feel, see, read, the energy within another engaging with the person on a deeper level allowing them to express wholeheartedly, feeling listened to and understood.

The worst kind of communication:

  • When someone cuts you off from expressing yourself about a vulnerability by not allowing the space or time to complete your expression without an interruption from talking about themselves or a different topic

  • Or no eye contact nowadays due to the opponent’s eyes glued to a distraction whether it be the TV or a phone, or a monitor of a laptop, computer, iPad, whatever it is, that is not the eyes

  • Or a hug that is less than 1 second

  • Or A kiss on the cheek where one turns their face away from your direction

  • Being unacknowledged

Admissibly projecting a rejection of close contact, affection, effective communication and fulfilled love

Indicating a rejection of communication

A rejection of being acknowledged

A rejection of precious time in your presence

A rejection of love

A rejection of being listened to

Love one needs and needs one love

Let’s get together and feel alright woyo yoyo

And maybe one that another is unable to give as they cannot access it for themselves

I believe these are not aspects to internalise as a fault within ourselves

We are all on our journey through life and have knowledge and insight to the same and different aspects due to our own feelings and experiences. As two people can go through the same traumatic concept yet depending on their reaction and the intentions can have opposite results, the opposite being negative, balanced, or positive although I like to think balanced is positive.

Well done for taking the first steps to open up, showing strength and courage through vulnerability and communication

Please keep in mind the intentions behind you, me, I, we, us, doing so

Finding yourself within a situation in which the person that broke the cycle, has now deferred effective communication to miscommunication

Either through misunderstanding by not listening, understanding and/or communicating

Contemplating what to do..

I, you, me, we, us, needs to speak up and break the negative cycle enabling completion by interlinking and recycling that energy into a positive outcome

When they have finished interrupting or misinterpreting or rejecting, go back to your conversation, undefeated, maybe depleted yet speak through your uncomfortabiility without letting it manifest into something disruptive and detrimental to your mental health and whole well-being.

I will like to take this moment to discuss a very sensitive and much needed abolishment of, people who show vulnerability as being weak.

I think the weak people are those who hide and create a façade producing a mask to cover up the truth, when in all truth we are all one the same and different, all seeking to love and be loved through vulnerability and communication.

The weakest are those that make fun of those weak people without trying to understand the other being and the need for love.

Every one becomes weak within their lifetime and we are all feel amazing strength within our awakened mind therefore the strong shall help the weak, as one will not always be strong and when the strong becomes weak will need someone strong.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

I am not saying we must sacrifice our happiness to make someone else happy as that is unhealthy for both beings, instead love from a distance, or guide them to where they can get help, show compassion and empathise, it cost nothing and can save more lives than causes of harm.

Mishaps of depression, anxiety and suicide occur due to non expression, closing down, walls up, fear of rejection, unbalanced and unaligned from our spirit, our authentic true hearts deepest desires.

I have recently developed anxiety again in which I discovered through my solidarity, dreams, reading, effectively communicating, opening up my heart exposing my vulnerability with a loved one, that I have separation anxiety, accumulated from the fear of abandonment.

Fear of abandonment occurs due to childhood experiences of mental, emotional and/or physical trauma, either by lack of emotional and mental support by allowing one to freely express themselves without having to please another whom from childhood we are taught by our parent or guardian to perhaps please them before ourselves. A death of a parent or loved one throughout childhood as well as adulthood. Separation due to divorce or orphaned, heartbreak through relationships, beloveds moving to a different country or location away home.

Once a fear is noticed, the best thing to do is trust in the Universe, guiding angel. self and love. Walk the plank, stand firm and dive to the deepest depth of the ocean, overcoming this fear like many others.

I {BWildflowerChild} am limitless and free.

Instead of depending on others depend on myself, yourself, ourselves.

I am a strong, courageous, brave, loving, pure spirit allowing wisdom to fulfil and align my energy, seeking change by taking risks, acknowledging my feelings and triggers, changing coping mechanisms no longer working for me, that are detrimental to my well-being, enhancing holistic healing with introspection and inter-reflection, uplifting my inner being by persisting with positive changes developing my inner peace and healing.

Where there is a problem there is always a solution by balancing the shadows with light and love

  • Let it go Let it flow

  • Thrive for goals

  • Expressing honesty honestly

  • Let the walls crash down

  • Open heart vulnerability

  • Taking risks

  • Fly freely and stand firm as the trees

  • And be as light as leaves

  • What will be will be

  • Not every situation is the same

  • Focus on myself, yourself, ourselves

  • Speak up

  • Understand important relationships are not damaged by time apart

  • Instead of depending on others, depend on myself, yourself, ourselves.

And more via Overcoming Fear of Abandonment article

The first steps to Overcoming Fear of Abandonment is to most importantly admit it to yourself, as this is the key to the end and beginning. And then talk about with someone you trust, hold no fear, hold no shame, be proud of your discovery, like I am. We are taking a brave step in self development, growing, blossoming, delicate, powerful and divine beautiful flowers.

If you need help Overcoming Fear of Abandonment download my article written by BWild Flower Child to raise the vibrations within. Give your inner child a voice to be heard. What are you waiting for?

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Articles/references/research Includes:

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Ø Exclusive journey from my journal

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Ø Effects on relationships

Ø Healthy Coping strategies

Ø Overcoming fear of abandonment

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