Overcoming the Fear of Abandonment


You have taken the hardest steps which is first to acknowledge your fear and then take actions to Overcome the Fear of Abandonment. 


Congratulations and well done !!

Give yourself a hug..from me to you or you to you whichever is most uncomfortable for you


This is One of the Biggest, most Gratifying and Satisfying Positive Changes You Will Make during your Life.


Building Resilience and Self-Confidence within your own personal development, fulfilling Inner peace and Self- Love, opening like a beautiful flower, you are xx


Self-Empowerment begins with taking meaningful and hard steps like this to go outside of comfort enabling growth and balance.


Ø Prior experiences

Ø Exclusive journey from my journal

Ø Signs of fears of abandonment

Ø Effects on relationships

Ø Healthy Coping strategies

Ø Overcoming Fear of abandonment

Ø Exclusive writing exercise to abolish the Fear of Abandoment 

Ø Exclusive Video understanding and Overcoming the Fear of Abandonment


Everyone is welcome 

Trust and Love Love

We can do it!!

Love, Light and Blessings sent to you !!

BWild BFree

Overcoming the Fear of Abandonment


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