8 Essential Oils : 10ml

  • Lemon Cold Pressed - Refreshing, antiseptic, increases energy, supports idigestive and respiratory system
  • Eucalypytus - Clears head, aids concentration, boost circulation, skin cleansing
  • Frankincense - Grounding, comforts anxiety, relieves stress, cold and flu
  • Lavender - Sedative, relieves stress, calming and healing
  • Peppermint Arvensis - Relieves anger, allieviates mental fatigue, allievates respiratory issues and nausea, relieves colds
  • Rosemary - Clear your mind, aid memory and relieve mental strain
  • Tea tree - Antiseptic, illiminate fatigue, cleansing and healing
  • Cinnamon - supports metabolic functions and improves oral health

PYYRLA 8 Essential Oils


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